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How To Scan On A Canon Printer | A Complete Guide

how to scan on a canon printer

how to scan on a canon printer

You cannot print a document until you scan it on a Canon printer. Even if you are aware of how to scan on a Canon printer, some critical factors can prevent the scanning process. Therefore, check out the reasons for which you may face difficulties while scanning a document. The experts have also provided you with the solutions regarding how to scan a document using your Canon printer.

For any additional support, you can connect with our Canon Customer support team for problem-specific solutions.

Factors Creating Scanning Issues

We have highlighted the most frequent factors which lead to several inconveniences while scanning documents on your Canon printer.

  • The USB cable which you are using to connect your computer with your printer can be defective. Hence, the printer cannot get access to the documents stored on your computer.
  • If you keep your printer away from your computer, the printer fails to recognize the PC.
  • Settings or configuration problems with the Firewall settings can cause such an issue.
  • The printer fails to scan if you have mistakenly turned off its scanner.
  • A defective USB port also does not allow the printer to detect the document which you want to scan.
  • If you are using a wireless printer, then lack of adequate internet connection can cause scanning issues.
  • If the wireless connection on the printer is turned off, then also it cannot use the internet.

Every router uses a particular frequency band. If you use a router but do not connect it to the required frequency band, then the printer won’t get an internet connection. As a result, it cannot scan the document. Wrong driver scan settings can also affect the scanning process. The printer cannot scan if you do not install a printer driver. Again, an incompatible or outdated printer driver can also cause the same problem. If these reasons are not applicable to your printer, then the printer software can be the underlying cause. Otherwise, the printer’s scanner can be defective itself.

How To Scan On A Canon Printer?

First, find out the cause of the scanning problem. Then choose the suitable solution from the list mentioned below to fix how to scan on a Canon printer.

Change The USB Cable

Connect your printer to your computer by a different USB cable. Use another USB port if the USB port you are using is defective. Now select ‘Scanner and Camera’ under ‘Accessories.’ Select the document you want to print and choose the ‘Scan’ option.

Disable Firewall and Update Printer Driver

Keep your printer close to your computer so that the printer can recognize the PC. Disable the Firewall settings temporarily and check whether your printer is scanning or not. Ensure that you have installed a printer driver then update it to the latest version.

Turn On The Scanner

Turn on the scanner on your printer’s settings and turn on the wireless connection. Then only the printer will be able to access the internet.

Use The Required Band Frequency

Every router can support a specific band frequency. Therefore, check the particular band frequency and connect the router to it.

Reset The Driver Scan Settings

Change the incorrect drive scan settings and make a test to ensure that the printer can scan the document.

Get In Touch For More Information

If the solutions given in this article cannot resolve the scanning problem,  then connect with the experts. Besides, the problem can also arise from the printer software or a defective scanner. In that case, you can contact the experts in order to restore those problems. Hence, dial Canon Customer Support Number +1-800-542-2744 or mail us to fix how to scan on a Canon printer.


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