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Canon Printer Printing Blank Pages | Quick Solutions Provided

canon printer printing blank pages

canon printer printing blank pages

We very often face issues regarding Canon printers. One of those is Canon printer printing blank pages issue. It is genuinely terrifying when the printer stops working while doing an outstanding job. Also, when you install a new cartridge, the problem gets even worse.

There are various ways, and we will mention them one by one. But keep this in mind that if you are not tech-savvy enough, we recommend you not to take a risk. Instead, you accept our tech support help.

Canon Printer Printing Blank Pages Issue | Possible Reasons Behind It

  • Some of the primary reasons behind Canon printer prints blank pages issue are as follows:
  • Mostly hardware issues are responsible for Canon printer printing blank pages issue.
  • There can be a cartridge failure. You have to keep in mind check the cartridges properly.
  • The ink levels can be low. Also, this can be one of the fundamental reasons behind this issue.
  • Software issues can also be present.
  • Printer drivers sometimes cause problems.
  • Error in the existing printing software.
  • The issue can also be with the computer or laptop that you are using and not the printer always.

Ways To Solve The Printer Issues

In cases, where Canon printer only prints blank pages you can follow the necessary solutions.

Cartridge inspection

You have to install the cartridge properly checking the steps mentioned in the installation manual. Remove the protective sheet or round covering of the former. Forgetting to do so will hamper your work. Problems like Canon printer printing blank pages may come into place.

Try the above step carefully. In case you are unable to do it correctly, you can revert to our Canon Support.

Checking the level Of Ink

If your cartridge ink level is low, this problem can occur. In case of an empty cartridge, the printer may print blank pages. You can check this by observing some menu buttons present in your printer. Check it and see whether it works or not.

Unclogging the print heads

This issue generally happens when you have not used your printer for a long time. The ink can dry up and block the print heads. It may cause in printing blank pages. So, clean up the block portions by using that particular option available on the printer. You can always avail of this option by manual means.

Sometimes the software that came with the printer can also help you. Install the software and solve it. You can also remove and reinstall the cartridge in case the software cannot help.

Update the Printer Drivers

Try updating the printer driver if it is outdated. The print command may not work in case of the obsolete drivers. You can simply go to the manufacturer’s website and check for updates. You will get one over there. Make sure you update the driver.

We cannot always guarantee about a hundred percent solution. In case you cannot solve by these ways you can refer to our technical or help support. That way we can provide you assured help.

Assured Help From Our Tech Support Team

Our proficient Canon Technical Support team will be there by your side in case you cannot resolve the issues on your own. We recommend you to not take a massive risk regarding these cases. You might damage the printer, or there can be any software issues.

Our contact details are right here. You can avail those options with a relaxed mood. Because we are assuring you about the trusted help that we are providing.

Calling facility available at our given Canon support number | 24*7

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