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Learn How To Change Shutter Speed On Canon Easily

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how to change shutter speed on canon

Canon camera helps you make the image crisp and crystal clear through its advanced technology. However, the adjustment of the aperture and shutter of Canon camera are very tricky for ordinary people. Due to the wrong settings, your Camera can’t generate a fair picture. Therefore, you have to modify the exposure settings correctly before using the Canon camera. We hope this article will help you learn about how to change the shutter speed on Canon.

How to Change Shutter Speed On Canon : Basic Steps

There are some specific rules to adjust the shutter speed of Canon which is known as the Exposure modes. Here, we have discussed some of them which will be useful for you to remove the Canon camera speed problem.

Manual Exposure Mode

Manual exposure mode plays a vital role to adjust the speed of the Canon camera. This exposure mode confirms the status of the current settings and makes sure that the settings expose the image correctly. Now, look into the procedure which will help you take the snap through the Canon camera and speed it up easily.

First, turn on the Mode dial to align the “M” mode and press the button “ISO” to choose the “ISO” from the top of the camera. Now, turn your camera in the Main dial mode and point the Canon camera at your object and press the “Shutter” button to activate the camera meter.

After that, you can find the exposure information at the bottom of the rear display panel. At the time of activation of the Canon meter, you have to fix the exposure line at zero marks. Then, set the scale of the focal length from -2 to +2 and move the indicator to the left for underexposing. Similarly, move that indicator to the right for overexposing.

Finally, hold the AV button on the back of the camera and turn the Main dial left for a large aperture and moved right for a small aperture. And here, the method end on how to change shutter speed on Canon manually.

Programmed Exposure Mode

This exposure is significant to maintain both the aperture and the shutter speed. It maintains the quality issue. Therefore, through this mode, you can apply different combinations in your current shot. Through this mode, the shutter speed problem goes away easily.


First, tap on the lock of Mode Dial and make it into “P” by rotating it. After that, press “ISO” button and rotate the Main dial to modify the ISO speed. For the high quality of photography, you have to make the ISO low to high and press the shutter button to achieve the focus section properly.

Secondly, check both of the shutter and aperture speed by using the viewfinder or LCD panel.

Thirdly, tap on “Shutter” button to take a snap and rotate the Main dial to fix the combination of the shutter speed and aperture.

Still, if you still have any doubt regarding how to change shutter speed on Canon, you can get in touch with us for flawless support.

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