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Canon Scanner Not Working Windows 10: Proven Steps to Implement


Canon scanner not working is one of the most annoying problems encountered by most of the users. In this article, we have discussed how to fix the canon scanner not working windows 10 problem. 

The users get modern characteristics with advanced procedures. As it is the most trustable brand and that’s why all of the world people believe in cannon products. 

However, you can easily solve this problem with the help of our below-mentioned procedures. To fix this issue, you can also take help from Canon Scanner Tech Support. 

Effective Solutions to Eradicate Canon Scanner Not Working Windows 10:

Solution 1: Inspect Your Canon Scanner Hardware and Connection Properly 

At first, check whether you have connected your scanner properly. Sometimes the connection issue can be one of the major causes of this problem. However, we have discussed the procedures below that you can follow.

  • At first, plug out the Canon scanner cable. 
  • With the help of the clean clothing, clean the glass of your Canon scanner. After cleaning completed, re-plug the scanner one more time. 
  • You always make sure that the computer and the scanner are always turned on. 
  • In the end, you should attach the Canon scanner to Windows 10. 

So, if you follow those steps properly then you will be able to fix this problem. In case you still find the problem then check out other procedures and follow those steps properly. 

Solution 2: Uninstall the Scanner Driver and Canon Toolbox 

At the time of the upgradation of Windows 10, you found that the old drivers are not appropriate with Windows 10. 

Uninstall the Canon scanner driver is the first step to solve this problem. After uninstalling update the Canon scanner driver. Sometimes if there is a possibility you need to uninstall and then reinstall the Canon Toolbox app.

You need to do this because if there is any dispute and then you will not face any issue. 

Many times you might find difficulties to uninstall the toolbox in the normal mode. You don’t need to be panic because to uninstall it you can enter the safe mode. 

Now, follow the steps to given underneath to perform the uninstallation process.

Uninstall the Canon Scanner Driver 

To uninstall the Canon Scanner driver follow the steps completely. 

  • At first, open the device manager. To find the canon scanner you need to enlarge the Imaging devices. 
  • In this next step, right-click on the Canon scanner driver. You have to do this for uninstalling the device. 
  • For your scanner, confirm that you finished uninstalling the driver. 

We advise you if you find other old scanners driver lists don’t hesitate to delete those drivers. 

By doing this you can uninstall the scanner driver from Windows 10. 

Uninstall Canon Mf Toolbox 

You always need to be careful. Because Removing Canon Scan Utility is an important procedure. Hopefully, these steps are the solution for this canon scanner not working problem.

  • At first, follow this path and that is Control Panel. Then, go to the Programs and Features completely. 
  • After that, find the Canon Toolbox.  Then, go to the Uninstall option and right-click on it. To uninstall it this step is very beneficial for you. 
  • So, if you find any old scanners driver program then don’t hesitate to uninstall it. We advise you to do this because of those scanner drivers issue may intersperse the new scanner. 

For uninstalling the Canon scanner driver and also the MF ToolBox you can utilize the Print Management application.

Hopefully, the Canon scanner driver and Canon MF scan utility will be uninstalled now. To work smoothly you have to reinstall or update them. 

Solution 3: Always Restored  the Canon Scanner Driver And Mf Toolbox 

You need a driver for all the devices to finish their work easily. At first, you need to uninstall the Canon scanner driver and then don’t forget to reinstall it. 

Sometimes you might not have enough time and patience to search for the Canon driver. For that, you can utilize the driver updating tool. Now, you will find that the Canon Scanner driver automatically updated. 

There are various driver tools available to scan, download, and install the Canon drivers. We recommend you to the Driver Booster tool because it is the best and the most acceptable one. 

  • At first, you need to install and then run Driver Booster on Windows 10. 
  • After that, you have to select the scan option that you need to select because mislaid, out of date and defective drivers.

With the help of the Driver Booster, that will help you to notice that your Canon scanner driver is very problematic. 

  • Thereafter, in the scanning result, discover Imaging devices. After searching that you need to select to Update the Canon scanner driver. 

Try to turn on the Scanner power switch after the driver Booster completed updating procedure. Make sure that the canon scanner starts scanning procedure. 

This procedure will help you to solve the canon scanner not working. We find some scanners where after shutting down the computer and restarting it again still the problem occurs. 

Don’t hesitate to try our next solutions if you want to solve this problem. 

Solution 4: Authorize the Windows Image Acquisition Services 

To fix this problem you need to authorize the Windows Image Acquisition services. This Windows Image Acquisition System supplies the image acquisition services for scanners and cameras. You should keep in mind that it does not stop running. 

Step 1: At first you need to find the services applications. For that, search for it in the search box. After searching doesn’t forget to open that. 

Step 2: Now you have to find the Windows Image Acquisition. You will find that option in the Properties and don’t forget to right-click on that. 

Step 3: Here, in the General tab you have to type as Automatic. Then, start the service. To run this, you should click the Apply button and then press the OK option. 

Step 4: In the Login tab you find the local system account and select that option. You always have to make sure that allow service to interact with desktop must be checked. 

Step 5: Now go to the Recovery tab. From the First failure drop-down box lists, you should choose the Restart the Service option. 

Step 6: In the end just reboot your computer. Hopefully, your problem will be solved. 

Solution 5: Must Change the Mf Toolbox Permissions 

Sometimes you find that your Canon Scanner cannot scan documents or pictures but it able to print those things. 

  • At first, right-click on the MF toolbox. There you will find the Properties option and select that option. 
  • Finding the compatible tab is the next step for you. There you should click on the “Change settings for all users”. 
  • In the pop window, you will find run this program as an administrator and just select that. You have the right to reset the picture folder permission so make sure that the picture can be scanned well. 
  • Now, right-click on the pictures/documents folder. There you find Properties and choose that. 
  • Then find the security tab first. From there choose the username. Click on the Edit option. 
  • In the end, from all the options choose the Allow option. 

To check whether or not your Canon scanner now working you have to reconnect it to Windows 10. 

Solution 6: Run the System File Checker 

The unethical file is a big issue and it creates a canon scanner, not a working problem. You must need to check that there is no unethical file on Windows 10. With the help of the System File Checker or SFC, you can discover and also correct the dispute files. 

The below-mentioned steps will help you to do so. 

  • At first, in the search box, you need to type the Command Prompt. To run as an administrator you have to right-click on the best-matched result. 
  • After that, you have to input sfc/scannow in the Command Prompt. That will help you to perform the System file checker or SFC. 

Now, you will notice that on the Windows 10 System File Checker will start began distinguishing the error files. Sometimes you find that due to the unethical files your Canon scanner out of work. Moreover, you will find that it is able to scan the documents as before. 


So here we mentioned the solutions about how to fix the Canon scanner not working. We hope that this article will be helpful for you to solve this problem. 


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