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October 4, 2018
canon printer not printing black
Get Easy Fixes For Your Canon Printer Not Printing Black Color
October 4, 2018

Canon Printer Not Printing Straight Lines | For An Easy Resolve Approach Us

canon printer not printing straight lines

canon printer not printing straight lines

Canon printers are among the most favorable ones. However, not always do they print smoothly. On the brink of a huge printing job, it’s really unfortunate when you notice Canon printer not printing straight lines.

There could be many reasons behind the issue. But, we understand how earnestly you want to solve the issue, as it prevents you from further printing jobs. Furthermore, you might have thought to clear the printhead or to swap the cartridge. But it is not easy for you especially if you are not a tech savvy person. Therefore, it’s high time that you seek help from the expert team. For any query, do not be shy to share it with us. We are available the entire day on our toll-free number.

Reasons With Their Appropriate Solutions For Your Canon Printer Not Printing Straight Lines

Our expert team is looking for every other problem that you can face regarding your Canon printer like if you note that your Canon printer not printing straight lines. This is how we are concerned about the possible issues of the product. We believe that if you know the causes to the Canon printer printing problem, then you will know to figure out the solution. Hence, here lies the causes which can mostly be found with your Canon printer:

  • A filthy printhead: You must clean the printhead on a regular basis. You can open the printer’s menu to choose the “Clear Printhead” option. This is an easier step as the option is available on the Canon printers. In case, you don’t find the option, you can manually clean the printhead with distilled water and cotton.


  • Printer alignment issue: When the printer is not properly aligned, then such an issue may arise. Well, in such cases, you can correct this via Calibrate Printer option. You just need to locate the option to prevent printer streaking. Apart from that, you can also rectify it yourself. You have to follow the instructions as referred to in the manual.


  • Poor print quality: This is one of the likely causes. When the print quality is set to low, then the printer fails to print straight lines. In your PC, go to the Control Panel. Locate the Device settings and select Advanced Settings. After that, you get to select the option where you can change quality from low to high or best. In the case of printing a photo, you have to deal with every factor carefully. Maintain the proper dots per inch (DPI) ratio. Before you start printing, you can preview the options.


  • Another troubleshooting process:
  1. You have to make sure that you are using a neat and clean paper. You should keep checking the ink levels. In the case of running a low level of ink, you can replace it easily.
  2. In most of the cases, it is seen that reprinting a document has fixed the streaking error. So, before any other efforts, you can try to fix if the printer lines not straight this way first.

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