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How To Fix Canon Print Head Error[Solved]


Canon MX922 printers are considered as one of the most reliable and durable products when it comes to printing. However, this device is also not free from errors. A very frequently occurring error that troubles the user most is the Canon print head error. 

Most of the time, when users are trying to print a document, then this error will pop up on the display. Whenever you encounter this glitch, then use the below fixing techniques to quickly get rid of the problem. 

But before that get to know the possible reasons behind the occurrence of this bug.

Canon MX922 Print Head Error: Root Causes

Numerous factors can be responsible for the error. Some top of them is listed below.

  • Canon print head error can also occur if there is an internal problem with the printing device
  • If the print head that you are using is not compatible with the printing device,
  • Sometimes, due to the cartridge issue, you can experience this technical flaw.

Now, read out the fixing techniques in order to fix the error within a jiffy.

Fix Canon Print Head Error with Proven Techniques:

Check out the undermentioned solutions to fix the issue on your own. You just need to apply them carefully one after another.

Solution 1- Check the Ink Cartridges

As said earlier, if the ink cartridges are not working properly, then you can experience this issue. In such a scenario, follow the given instructions to resolve the problem.

Step 1

The first thing that you should do is disconnect the Canon printer from the electrical outlet. Then, lift the lid of the printer to open it.

Step 2

In this step, we are going to remove the printhead as well as ink tanks from the Canon printer. Then, start the cleaning process. 

Step 3

Take a cotton bud in the mixture of alcohol and lukewarm water, then use a cotton bud for cleaning the print head. Also,  you are advised to clean the ink cartridges. 

Step 4

Keep in mind that you shouldn’t miss any area of the cartridges. Continue the cleaning procedure until the ink stops dropping from the cartridges.

Step 5

Wait for sometimes and let the cartridges dry and after that, put the cartridges back to its original position.

In addition, you have to connect the print head to the power socket and press the power button to turn it on.

Thereafter, try to print a document and check if the error has been resolved or not. However, if not, here is another solution for you.

Solution 2- Solve the Internal Problem

There is always a possibility that the Canon mx922 printer is unable to print anything due to internal issues.  To eliminate the flaw, focus on the below point.

Step 1

In the beginning, you have to turn on the Canon printer. Then, pull out the tray as well as lift the scanning unit.

It will change the position of the print head. 

Step 2

Next, you need to lift the inner cover and take out the ink bottles. Furthermore, move the print head in the holder position of the Canon printer.

Step 3

After that, place the ink bottles back to their original place and close the scanning cover. 

After completion of these three steps carefully, put some colorless papers inside the printer and try to print. We believe, this time you will surely do so.

Wrapping Up

It is quite frustrating if you experience Canon print head error at the time of printing. However, by using the above two solutions, you can fix the error on your own. 

Also, if you want to give us any suggestions or share your thoughts with us, then comment in the below section and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


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