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If you own a Canon MP560 printer, then, at a certain point it is normal that you might encounter Canon mp560 error b200. But this error code can only occur on those Canon printers which have 2 or 4+ cartridges. 

Numerous reasons are responsible for the occurrence of this error on your system, for example, overheating of the print-head, cartridges issue and many others. Another cause that might occasionally lead you to this error is the use of different formulas or inks.

Fortunately, you can quickly eliminate this technical flaw with the help of the solutions discussed hereunder. 

Fix Canon MP560 Printer Error b200 with Some Reliable Hacks:

Want to know how to fix error b200 on the Canon mp560 printer? don’t worry, as you can use the below solutions to fix the error without any trouble.

Solution 1- Remove the Damaged PIXMA MP560 Cartridges

One recent research has proved that most of the time this error can appear if there is some issue with the ink cartridges. 

In such a condition, removing the damaged cartridges can be the ultimate choice for you. Take a look below to perform this task.

Step 1

In the beginning, turn off the Canon printer and remove the plug from the power socket. After that, you are suggested to open the top cover of the printer to disclose the ink cartridges.

Step 2

Then, carefully remove the Canon mp560 cartridges. Furthermore, you have to remove the printhead from the Canon printer without damaging any components.

Step 3

Afterward, clean the ink cartridges as well as the print head properly. You are also advised to clean the contact pads by using a contact cleaner.

Once done, then put back the print head and ink cartridges. Then, turn on the printer. 

Solution 2- Update the Driver and Software

To apply this solution, you need a good internet connection and an administrator’s access. Once you have assured that, then you need to update the printer driver and Canon mp560 printer utility software.

[Note- For that, visit the official websites and search for the best-recommended version for your device. After that read the online instructions to complete the upgrading process.]

Once done, then navigate to the computer’s search field and type ‘Devices and Printers’ in the search box. In addition, hit the Enter key to open it.

After that, you have to right-click on the Canon printer and select Properties from the available options. Furthermore, locate the Maintenance tab and under this section, choose the Deep Cleaning option.

Once done, then take a Nozzle Check from the Maintenance tab to make sure that the Canon mp560 error b200 has gone.

Solution 3- Resetting the Canon Printer

This is a straightforward method and quite easy to apply. Simply, shut down the Canon 

Printer. After that, wait for sometimes. 

In the next step, you should turn on the printer again. This solution is related to the overheating capability of the print head and it will surely fix the issue. 

Unfortunately, if you are still unlucky, then proceed to the next fixing technique.

Solution 4- Removing Obstructions

In case the above three solutions are not workable for you, then you might need to remove the obstructions that might prevent the printer from moving correctly. 

Now, depending on the nature of the cartridges, you have to deal with the issue differently.

For the 2 Cartridges Printers:

Firstly, turn off the printer, then wait for a while and turn on the printer. Thereafter, find out the problematic cartridge which has been recently added to the printer head. 

In case, you can not accurately locate the cartridge, then you need to remove all the ink cartridges. Take extreme precautions when you remove the ink cartridges from the print head.

Then, replace the cartridge with a new one. After that, perform a cleaning cycle to check if the error still persists or not.

For the 4 Cartridges Printer:

At first, remove all the cartridges by lifting up the head of the printer. After that, wait for the cartridge cradle to move into the original position.

Then, locate the grey or orange locking level on the side of the cartridge cradle. Furthermore, securely placed the printer head to its original place.

Now, the Canon printer will read and recognize the cartridges. Thereafter, unplug the printer from the printer and wait for ten minutes.  It will cool the printer. 

Finally, again plug in the printer and enable the printer to read the cartridges correctly.

Wrapping Up

Canon mp560 is one of the most trusted printers and errors like Canon mp560 error b200 can be easily fixable. We hope, by using the above resolving techniques, you can quickly get rid of the error and never face it again.

Also, if you want to give us any suggestions or feedback, then feel free to mention it in the comment section.


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